Monday, May 12, 2008

Three Stans - Homeward Through Hong Kong

Monday May 12th.....Hong Kong - who SAYS luxury isn't salubrious!!!! I flew out on a late night departure on Turkish Airlines. We flew over Bangladesh and Burma (northern Burma near the Himalayas - a long way from the devastation) then the South China sea after Hanoi.

Upon exiting the jet bridge I find a red uniformed man with a leather board with my name on it and am shown to a waiting electric cart. The distances at the airport are really overwhelming. My man takes me to baggage claim and then passport control, turns me over to his colleague who then takes me to the Peninsula Rolls where a bespoke driver (I promise there is such a thing) drives me in sybaritic luxury to the Hotel. Wingo, the Asst Sales Manager, waits at the entry and we go whoosh straight to the Porcelain Pagoda suite which they have assigned to me for the little indignity of having to register (Wingo does it all for me). The living room is larger than my flat with an enormous chandelier which could light the Staatsoper. There is a trio of juices in carafes, an assortment of fruit and an array of chocolate, pretty furniture, sort of English country house yet formal. My bedroom is lush with a wall of closets. The bathroom with 6 soaps from which to choose, every appurtenance known to man, a separate WC-bidet has a separate shower large enough for four and bathtub which could service Babar the elephant. It is all beautiful which when you think about it is rather rare in posh suites and also old shoe comfortable. When I first stayed at the Peninsula in 1964 I thought it the best large hotel in the world. IT STILL IS!

It is muggy and overcast in HK and I may (truly) never leave the hotel for the next four days! ALL IS RIGHT IN THE LAND OF INFINITE BLISS!


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